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MySQL Binary Log Filter does not work

Hello all

We use the following binary log filter for filtering out some schemata.

binlog-ignore-db = mysql, information_schema, test

What is wrong with this filter it somehow does not work: :-(

Best regards,

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Hi Oli

there are different things to mention:

  • The dash (-) notation is for command line options (--binlog-ignore-db) the underscore (_) is for the MySQL configuration file (binlog_ignore_db = ...). The configuration accepts both but is is not good style.
  • Then because MySQL database names can contain special characters and commas (,) your filter is interpreted as database name "mysql, information_schema, test". This is possibly not what you intended. You have to put every database filter into its own separate line like this:
    binlog_ignore_db = mysqlbinlog_ignore_db = information_schemabinlog_ignore_db = test

    To specify multiple databases you must use multiple instances of this option. Because database names can contain commas, the list will be treated as the name of a single database if you supply a comma-separated list.
  • Further information_schema is not replicated anyway so this information is obsolete.
  • Then we at FromDual consider it as a bad idea to filter on the master because then the information are NOT contained in the Binary Logs which are needed for a proper point-in-time-recovery (PiTR).

I hope this fixes your problem.

Best Regards,