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Our Team

Oli Sennhauser
Region: Central Europe.
Specialization: MySQL Architectures, Performance Tuning, Backup/Recovery, Operations, MySQL Cluster.
Certification: Sun Certified MySQL 5.1 Database Administrator
Function: Senior Consultant for MySQL, Galera Cluster, Percona Server and MariaDB, CTO
Languages: German, English, French.
Description: I am an ex-MySQL Senior Consultant and Support Engineer who adores databases, especially MySQL and it derivatives...
Oli SennhauserCertified MySQL 5.1 Database Administrator
Jörg Brühe
Region: Central Europe.
Specialization: MySQL operations, Backup&Recovery, and Packaging.
Function: Senior Support Engineer
Languages: German and English.
Description: I joined FromDual in September, 2014. Previously, I was a member of the MySQL Build Team (at MySQL AB, Sun, and Oracle) for 8 years and a MySQL DBA at a large German internet site for nearly 2 years.
Jörg Brühe