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Upgrading MariaDB to the pre-latest minor release

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Scenario: MariaDB Community Server is release every 3 months. The exact date is not known but it is typically about 2 to 3 weeks after the MySQL/Oracle CPU.

We upgrade regularly customer systems, also their MariaDB Galera Cluster systems. Because we made in the past some very bad experience upgrading production MariaDB Galera Clusters short after release date we became a bit more careful. Our new policy is: We wait a few weeks before installing a new release.

MariaDB and MySQL package holding or locking

Repositories from your favourite Linux distribution and from your favourite database software vendor get regular package updates. If you do periodic system upgrades (for example every 2 weeks as we do) you get the newest packages of a release series.
Unfortunately recently the software vendors started not only to fix bugs in new releases but also to introduce new features. And when you fix bugs or introduce new stuff new bugs might appear.

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