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MariaDB 10.2 Window Function Examples

MariaDB 10.2 has introduced some Window Functions for analytical queries.

See also: Window Functions, Window Functions, Window function and Rows and Range, Preceding and Following

Wir bauen uns ein Data Warehouse mit MySQL

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Unsere Folien zum Vortrag Wir bauen uns ein Data Warehouse mit MySQL stehen jetzt zur Verfügung unter Präsentationen.

MySQL pluggable Storage Engines (SE)

One of the big advantages of MySQL is its concept of Pluggable Storage Engines. This means you can choose the most optimal Storage Engine for your needs. This also has a disadvantage: You have to know what you are doing...

If you need some help deciding which is the right Storage Engine or even strategy for you or if you want us to make an independent and vendor neutral comparison of those Storage Engines consider our FromDual Consulting Services!


The battle against Oracle is probably over but has the real war begun yet?

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According to different sources from the web the decision about the Oracle - Sun merger has been approved by the European commission soon. So at least in the West it is clear what is going on. Let us see what the East decides... [ 1 ], [ 2 ].

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