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FromDual becomes Open Database Alliance (ODBA) Silver Partner


Uster, Switzerland -- April 26, 2010 -- FromDual has signed the Service Provider Partnership Agreement of the Open Database Alliance (ODBA).

FromDual is the first official ODBA consulting partner in Europe. The growing number of downloads and use of MariaDB, an improved and enhanced derivation of the MySQL database, also requires consultancy services for MariaDB in Europe.

We are excited to be working with ODBA as their first consulting partner in Europe says Oliver Sennhauser, Owner of FromDual. Through our ODBA partnership, we will significantly help strengthen the position of MariaDB and ODBA in the Open Source database market.

About FromDual

FromDual is the leading vendor independent and neutral MySQL consulting company in Europe!

As a ODBA Silver Partner, FromDual provides consultancy services for MySQL and its derivatives like MariaDB, Percona-Server, XtraDB, PBXT and Drizzle for enterprise-level database applications mainly in Europe. For more information, please visit

About the Open Database Alliance (ODBA)

The Open Database Alliance (ODBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the commercial and non-commercial ecosystem around Open Source Database Technologies. Whereas proprietary software forces strong dependencies upon a single vendor, Open Source (also known as Free Software, Libre Software, FOSS or FLOSS) enables an ecosystem of commercial offerings around certain technologies, like MySQL, GNU, Samba, Apache, the Linux Kernel or MariaDB. For more information, please visit


For further information please contact FromDual directly via eMail on or call us on +41 44 500 58 20 (Central European time zone).