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Can FPMMM work with Percona mysql ?

hi guys, I have install latest mpm for monitoring a Percona mysql server 5.5

but i found the zabbix web front-end can not display property data got from percona mysql(xtradb)
some fields show a impossiblly large number, and some fields can not got any data

such as "InnoDB Data Writes" show : max value "4.6G"
InnoDB Data Fsyncs show : max value "275.51 M"

Any help ? Thanks a ton in advance !

Hi John, MPM can work with any MySQL branch/fork. Some of the branches try to make their product unique by adding features or changing things. Because we are parsing the output of SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS amongst other things some values can become wrong over time when the output format is changed by the vendors. The values you mention base most probably on the MySQL status information (SHOW GLOBAL STATUS) Innodb_data_fsyncs and Innodb_data_writes. So those should be correct on any MySQL branch/fork. But I have to check more in detail... Oli

A bug report for the following problem has been opened: