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Galera Cluster

Table of Contents

1. Cluster overview

Important: Before you start you must have added all the Machines of each Galera Cluster node and created or added all MariaDB/MySQL Instances on those Machines.

In the Cluster overview you can add a Cluster by clicking on the Add Cluster button. Adding a Cluster in this context means: Adding the Cluster to the Ops Center Repository:

Add a new Cluster

2. Add new Cluster

Choose a unique and descriptive Cluster Name, select the Cluster Type Galera Cluster and then select the nodes which should belong to this Cluster:

Add a new Cluster

Then click on the Create Cluster button.

Note 1: One Instance (Node 1 to 5) can only belong to one Cluster at the same time!

Note 2: Currently up 5 Galera nodes are supported by Ops Center in a Galera Cluster.

3. Settings tab

In the Settings tab you get an overview of all the nodes belonging to a Cluster, you can remove nodes from the Cluster by click on the Remove Instance from Cluster icon on the right. You can edit a Cluster with the Edit Cluster and delete the whole Cluster from the Ops Center Repository with the Delete Cluster button:

Add a new Cluster

4. Checks tab

In the Checks tab you can see the actuall state of your Cluster and all the Cluster nodes:

Add a new Cluster

5. Operations tab

In the Operations tab you get some actuall state information of your Cluster and all the Cluster nodes:

Add a new Cluster

Further you can deploy a new Galera Cluster configuration with the Deploy Configuration buttion if there is no configuration yet.

Add a new Cluster

Note: The Deploy Configuration buttion is only shown if there is no Galera configuration yet (grastate.dat is missing).

Note: Starting and stopping an Instance in the Cluster is done in Instance Operations.