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Linuxtag: Knowledge and People - and New Colleagues?

At FromDual, we are currently preparing for our participation in the "Chemnitzer Linux-Tage" in March.
While we don't yet know whether the programme committee accepted our proposed talks, we will have a booth and hope for interesting exchanges with others from the MySQL, database, Linux, ... world. Of course, we will also mention that we are looking for additional colleagues - there are so many tasks that we need more people to handle them all. (In case you got curious, look here: )

While I attended the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage already last year (thank you, Frank Hofmann, for recommending them!), it will be the first time there for FromDual as a company. I enjoyed the informal atmosphere, which made it easy to get into contact with new people, to learn, and to discuss both facts and opinions.

To those of you who didn't yet attend such events, I can only say: You are missing some great experiences! It is good to get stimulated by others, by their problems and their experiences, so that one's thoughts are broadened and start considering new fields. Often, they lead to insights that are helpful for one's own daily work.

In the opposite direction, we at FromDual hope that during the Linux-Tage we can help others to make (better) use of MySQL in all its variants, with its surrounding tools and products, so that everybody will profit.

The Chemnitzer Linux-Tage will take place on March 21 and 22, 2015, in Chemnitz, Germany. Parts of the programme will probably be delivered in English, so even those of you who don't understand German might enjoy coming there. If you now consider a visit, you will find further information here:

We will be happy to meet you in Chemnitz - to talk about whatever interests both you and us, maybe even about you joining us?