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MySQL JMeter Webshop Benchmark

Abstract: In this article we provide a little JMeter WebShop Example Benchmark for MySQL.

For our Advanced MySQL Developer Workshop we have one exercise Benchmarking MySQL with JMeter. For this exercise we are using the FoodMart-2.0 [1] Schema and simulating a simple WebShop Transaction:

  • Logging in
  • Put some articles into the basket
  • Buy the articles
  • Log out

I found it pretty hard to find good and detailed examples how to do this with JMeter and I wasted a lot of time searching and figuring out how it works.

So I decided to provide my example (webshop_benchmark.tgz) with the hope that you can safe some time looking at it and using it as base for your own Benchmarks.

I am really wondering if JMeter is used a lot at all in combination with database Benchmarks because otherwise I would have expected much more examples and information.
Possibly JMeter is used to call the Java methods directly?

Please let me know your findings and suggestions how to improve it so I can learn some more things about JMeter.

JMeter Webshop Benchmark

JMeter Webshop Benchmark

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