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MariaDB at FromDual

FromDual as a neutral and vendor independent database service company also provides various services for the MariaDB database.

With our training partners in Germany and Switzerland we provide regular trainings for MariaDB beginners, experienced MariaDB DBAs and MariaDB Galera Cluster administrators.

For MariaDB users without their own DBA FromDual provides remote-DBA services for MariaDB. We become your MariaDB DBAs!

If you prefer to see one of our consultants on-site FromDual visit and help you solving your MariaDB issues.

And last but not least FromDual re-sells MariaDB Corp. Enterprise Support Subscriptions (MariaDB TX, MariaDB TX Cluster and MariaDB AX).

Further all FromDual Tools (MyEnv, BRman, fpmmm, Ops Center and the Nagios plug-ins) are tested and running against the MariaDB database (up to 10.3).

And FromDual is a MariaDB service provider listed by the MariaDB foundation.