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MySQL useful add-on collection using UDF

I really like this new toy (for me) called UDF. So I try to provide some more, hopefully useful, functionality.

The newest extension I like is the possibility to write to the MySQL error log through the application. Oracle can do that since long. Now we can do this as well...

A list of what I have done up to now you can find here:

If you have some more suggestions, please let me know.

The complete details you can find here.


[ Roland Bouman] said... Hi there, I did this too once ( I'm just wondering, does your implementation work in case you're running under windows as a service (bug #35916) ?
Roland Boumancomment

[ Shinguz] said... Hi Roland, Ups! It seems like I did not look into it well enough... :( Thanks for your hint! Just found the [ UDF repository] on your site. Great stuff... Windows? What is this? No honestly: I did not try this out. There is no such system close to me nor have I a Win compiler or such stuff... Sorry!