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Can FPMMM work with Percona mysql ?

hi guys, I have install latest mpm for monitoring a Percona mysql server 5.5

but i found the zabbix web front-end can not display property data got from percona mysql(xtradb)
some fields show a impossiblly large number, and some fields can not got any data

such as "InnoDB Data Writes" show : max value "4.6G"
InnoDB Data Fsyncs show : max value "275.51 M"

Any help ? Thanks a ton in advance !

How can I find what InnoDB version I am using?

In the old days everything was simpler. We had one maker of our favourite database management system and possibly the choice between different Storage Engines. Mostly the decision has to be taken between MyISAM and InnoDB. When you care about your data integrity you have chosen InnoDB.

Nowadays it is more complex. We have several different makers of our favourite database management system: Oracle/MySQL, Monty Program AB and Percona with their products: MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server.

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