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FromDual: Tools for MySQL and Galera - Backup - Monitoring - Operations

FromDual tools provide valuable additional functionality which facilitate and optimize daily operations of your MySQL databases. Since our last newsletter a lot of things have changed in the FromDual tools.

To the MySQL Environment (MyEnv) numerous improvements and suggestions of our customers were added. The most important changes were introduced to the MySQL Backup Manager (mysql_bman).

With the MySQL Ops Center we meet the wishes of our numerous customers, which desire a graphical user interface for operating complex MySQL environments.
These users are often little used in handling MySQL but want nevertheless operate more complex MySQL installations as Master/Slave- or Master/Master-replications.

In the MySQL Performance Monitor (mpm) numerous little bugs have been fixed which were reported to us by our customers.

Note: In our MySQL Service Contracts, Business Hour (5x9) and All around the Clock (7x24) the usage and support of our tools is included.
If you would like to know more about our service prices, we are pleased to send you an offer.

MyEnv v1.0.5

The MySQL Environment (MyEnv) gets more and more popularity in the MySQL eco-system. MyEnv is optimized for MySQL and mimics the popular TVD BasEnv which is popular with bigger Oracle database users.

With MyEnv you can easily consolidate several MySQL instances (mysqld) on one single machine. Thanks to MyEnv this complicated configuration is a piece of cake. Furthermore MyEnv is more and more common with customers testing their applications against different MySQL versions (5.5, 5.6 and 5.7) or different MySQL branches (Galera Cluster, MariaDB, Percona Server).

The most important improvements in MyEnv v1.0.5 are:

  • Old PHP functions were replaced to achieve better compatibility with PHP 5.4 and 5.5.
  • MyEnv overview (up) of installed MySQL instances was polished and numerous smaller bugs were fixed.
  • Extensions for active/passive failover clusters and Oracle Enterprise Monitor Agents for MySQL were integrated.
  • The user guidance of the MyEnv installer was made more user friendly.
  • Problems of MyEnv with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) were removed.
  • The tools for MySQL Partitions were extended and improved.

All improvements in detail you can find in the Release Notes.

Here you can download MyEnv.

MySQL Backup Manager v1.0.5

The MySQL Backup Manager (mysql_bman) is actually getting most of interest from our customers. It significantly eases backups for MySQL for all different types of backups.

At this point we would like to quote a MySQL user:

"MySQL Backup Manager is a very nice tool! Congratulations for FromDual! I made my own shell script for catalog and maintained backups by xtrabackup, but mysql_bman is the best! Xtrabackup + mysql_bman!!!"

In mysql_bman version v1.0.5 the following improvements were integrated:

  • Security improvements (password is not exposed any more).
  • Every instance can be tagged with a name and uniquely identified.
  • The MySQL Backup Manager considers now the MySQL configuration file ~/.my.cnf.
  • The compression of backups can be disabled to support de-duplicating drives.
  • The option --no-memory-table-check was introduced to allow inconsistent backups with MEMORY tables.

Download (included in MyEnv).

MySQL Ops Center v0.2

Our MySQL customers have requested a simple user interface to operate and administer many MySQL databases. This is the reason why FromDual has launched the MySQL Ops Center.
The Ops Center can centrally operate and control complex MySQL configurations like Master/Slave or Master/Master set-ups, monitor, start, stop and reconfigure the replication.
With the MySQL Ops Center you can also start and stop easily virtual IP's and move them to an other host.

The most important features, which were added to the first public preview-release of the MySQL Ops Center v0.2. are:

  • Starting and stopping of MySQL databases on remote machines by a central management console.
  • Starting and stopping of the MySQL replication.
  • Starting and stopping of a virtual IP (VIP).
  • Failover of VIP from active master to slave (master/slave replication) or passive master (master/master replication).
  • Configuration of the master/slave replication.

The MySQL Ops Center can be downloaded here. Further information you can find at MySQL Ops Center.

MySQL Performance Monitor v0.9.3

The MySQL Performance Monitor (mpm) was optimized in many places. Further know bugs were fixed and the mpm agent was made ready for the newest Zabbix version v2.2:

  • Bugs related to sha/sha1 encryption were fixed.
  • A stopped database is better detected now.
  • DRBD informations were improved.
  • New behaviour of zabbix_senders in Zabbix v2.2 is handled correctly now.
  • New measuring points was added (Galera Cluster) and wrong ones fixed.

You can download the latest version of MySQL Performance Monitor from here here and for more information about the manual installation just follow up the steps on the installation guide. To check all changes and improvements of MySQL Performance Monitor check out the Release Notes.