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Short term notice: Percona XtraDB Cluster training in English 7/8 February 2018 in Germany

FromDual offers short term a Percona XtraDB Cluster and MySQL Galera Cluster training (2 days) in English.

The training will take place in the Linuxhotel in Essen/Germany on February 7/8 2018.

There are already enough registrations so it is certain the training will take place. But there are still free places for some additional participants.

You can book online at the Linuxhotel.

Important: The Linuxhotel is nearly fully booked out. So accommodation is in nearby locations. The Linuxhotel will recommend you some locations.

The training is in English.

You can find the contents of this 2-day Percona XtraDB Cluster training here.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.