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Reset MariaDB Galera Cluster root password


I have searched a lot in web and found no proper answer. I had setup a MariaDB galera cluster and now I have forgot root password. Is there anyway to reset it? I have found how to reset mysql root password in web. Should I do same here or different? So far what I have found is below steps:

1. Stop the MySQL service.

service mysql stop
2. Start MySQL without password and permission checks.

mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &
3. Press [ENTER] again if your output is halted.

4. Connect to MySQL.

mysql -u root mysql
5. Run following commands to set a new password for root user. Substitute NEW_PASSWORD with your new password.

UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD('NEW_PASSWORD') WHERE user='root';
6. Restart the MySQL service.

service mysql restart

If anybody can help me to properly reset root password here.


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You have found the correct way to reset the root password. I would also recommend to include the host in the update statement.

UPDATE mysql.user SET password = PASSWORD('secret') WHERE user = 'root' and host = 'localhost';


I forgot to mention, that you have to do this step on all the nodes of the cluster, since they do not receive the query over the galera replication.