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Problem to login on MySQL


I'm totally new on mySQL and i have problems to even correctly setup the system on my iMac. I have Yosemite installed. I downloaded MAMP and installed it the i truned it on manually. Then i startet the terminal in order to login but i can't login. Whatever i enter in the terminal is not recognized. How do i have to proceed? Anybody here to help me?

Thanks a lot

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That you started with a terminal is already a good sign! First we have to find if all need components are there. For using MySQL you need the Database Server (mysqld) and a Database Client (e.g. mysql) which communicates to the Server.

The Database Server (mysqld) must be started. If the Database Server is running you can find with a command like:

ps -ef | grep mysqld

If a mysqld process is running (= Database Server) then this is already a good sing. If not you have to try to start the database process (something like $XAMPP_ROOT/bin/mysql.server start).

If the database process is running you can try to connect with the/a MySQL client. Typically we use on the command line mysql. Run this command as follows:

mysql --user=root --host=localhost --password

If there is no MySQL Client (mysql) available you have to install it or use any other MySQL Client like MySQL Workbench, Heidi SQL, PHPMyAdmin (this is in the MAMP Package), or any other...

Please let us know about your progress...