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MySQL New Features

MySQL 5.6

The focus of this release seems to be on Replication, Partitioning and InnoDB/Performance.

  • New InnoDB-related INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables and more information in the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.
  • Persistent Optimizer statistics for InnoDB tables.
  • InnoDB table information can be limited when many tables are opened.
  • Several internal performance enhancements for InnoDB.
  • InnoDB deadlocks can be written to the error log.
  • Delayed Replication
  • Binlog shipping with the mysqlbinlog utility.
  • Row-based replication improved by row image control.
  • Support for explicit selection of one or more partitions.
  • Binary logs written and read by the MySQL Server are now crash-safe.
  • Logging of master connection information and of slave relay log information to tables as well as files is possible.
  • Old features were removed.

MySQL 5.5

  • Improved scalability on multi-core CPUs, especially in InnoDB.
  • InnoDB can make more effective use of available I/O capacity.
  • Improved Diagnostic and Monitoring Capabilities (SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS, new status variables).
  • The default storage engine for new tables is InnoDB rather than MyISAM.
  • Semi-Synchronous Replication
  • SQL standard SIGNAL and RESIGNAL statements.
  • Performance Schema.
  • Additional Unicode character sets: utf16, utf32, and utf8mb4.
  • RANGE COLUMNS partitioning and LIST COLUMNS partitioning.
  • New authentication capabilities: pluggable authentication and proxy users.
  • Faster builds using CMake rather than the GNU autotools.
  • Old features were removed.

MySQL Cluster 7.2

  • Distribution of MySQL users and privileges.
  • Pushed-down Joins.
  • Improved default values for data node configuration parameters.