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Creating Event Handlers with MySQL Enterprise Monitor

MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM) has by default no Event Handlers created and activated. These Event Handlers you have to define yourself according to your needs.

In this article we discuss how to create MySQL Enterprise Monitor Event Handlers with MEM v.3.0.18. For other (older) versions the steps may vary...

Task: Event Handler for maximum Connections reached

We would like to be notified by MySQL Enterprise Monitor when the number of connections is near to max_connections.

For this we search first which Advisors are available at all: Configuration -> Advisors -> Availability.

Here we can see that we have an Advisor called Maximum Connection Limit Nearing Or Reached which is scheduled for every 5 minutes and has thresholds at 75, 85, 95 and 100%:

Now we know which Advisor should create and Event. As a next step we have to create and Event which should be triggered: Configuration -> Event Handling -> Create Event Handler.

Here we can create and Event with all its needed configuration: Events -> All -> server.

If we look at the Events we can even see the detailed description and how the values for the Event are collected:

Task: Event Handler for used disk space

For this Event Handler we need the Advisor Filesystem Free Space under Operating System:

In this advisor we can configure the Threshold as well:

In the Event Handler we can define which Assets shall be monitored. For example the mountpoint: /.

Local disks can only be monitored, if a local MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent is installed. An agent-less MySQL Enterprise Monitor cannot monitor local disk resources...

Have fun using the MySQL Enterprise Monitor. If you need any help in installing or configuring MEM do not hesitate to contact us.

All these functions are also implemented in the FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL. If you want to relay on Open Source technology only you should consider our Performance Monitor.