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Centralized Crontab with FromDual Ops Center

One of the tools of FromDual Ops Center for MariaDB and MySQL is the centralized crontab for all of your database machines. Instead of maintaining various different crontabs on different machines you can manage them now in one place within the Ops Center.

Under the Tools menu on the left you find Crontab. Here you get a first overview of crontab jobs available:


  • The first column shows if the crontab job is active or not.
  • The second column indicates the O/S user the crontab job should run as.
  • Then we have the typical crontab scheduling entries: Minute, Hour, Day, Month and Day of Week (DoW).
  • Now follows the actual command which should be run with a comment describing the command.
  • The column Last indicates when the job was run last successfully.
  • And RC shows the last Return Code of the job (0 - success, otherwise error number).
  • With the trash icon you can delete a crontab job and with the run icon you can start and run a crontab job right now.

With the Add Crontab Entry button on the bottom you can add new crontab entries. To make it persistent you have to save the entry with the Save Crontab button.

You can change as well existing crontab entries directly in-line followed by the Save Crontab button.

Caution: Do not mix up the Ops Center Crontab under the Configuration/Crontab menu with the Centralized Crontab for your database machines under Tools/Crontab menu.