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MariaDB/MySQL Stored Language Examples

MariaDB/MySQL Stored Language is called SQL/PSM.
There are 4 different types of Stored Language: Stored Procedures, Stored Functions, Triggers and Events.

Stored Procedures

Stored Procedure with a Cursor:


Enable General Query Log per Connection in MariaDB

The General Query Log in MariaDB is a Log (file or table) that logs every statement sent from the Application to the MariaDB Database Server from the Connect Command to the Quit Command. A simple example you can find here:

MySQL logon and logoff trigger for auditing

A while ago I did some research about MySQL audit functionality and logon a and logoff triggers. MySQL and MariaDB provide a logon trigger in the form of the init_connect variable but no logoff trigger where most of the work for auditing would be done. When we would have a logoff trigger we could track the login and possibility some activity of a user and implement auditing functionality.

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