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MariaDB Log Rotation

Modern Linux Systems have a mechanism called logrotate to rotate different log files.

The general configuration file is located under /etc/logrotate.conf and specific changes are under /etc/logrotate.d/

By default the logrotate job is started once a day by a O/S cron.daily job: /etc/cron.daily/logrotate


Enable General Query Log per Connection in MariaDB

The General Query Log in MariaDB is a Log (file or table) that logs every statement sent from the Application to the MariaDB Database Server from the Connect Command to the Quit Command. A simple example you can find here:

Abbrechende MariaDB/MySQL Verbindungen

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MySQL Performance Tuning für Entwickler

Unsere Präsentation von der CeBit 2015: MySQL Performance Tuning für Entwickler kann jetzt heruntergeladen werden.

Inhalt: Datenbank Performance, Profiling, General Query Log, des Admins Bazooka, Slow Query Log, Query Analyzer, Query Execution Plan, EXPLAIN, Indexieren, ...

user password change date

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Dear friends, Is there is any command to check when user and password created in MySQL user table. I want command for user logins last password change date and password created date. in MSSQL we are able to take where as in MySQL unable to take. Kindly help me

MySQL Queries taggen

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Früher, lange, lange ist's her, konnte man den folgenden Trick verwenden um MySQL Queries in der Applikation zu taggen:

SELECT /* My Application Tag */ * FROM test;

Im Slow Query Log und im General Query Log ist das SQL Query dann wie folgt erschienen:

# Time: 111020 22:03:33
# User@Host: root[root] @ localhost []  Id:  1335
# Query_time: 17.873938  Lock_time: 0.007952 Rows_sent: 12048576  Rows_examined: 12048576
use test;
SET timestamp=1319141013;
SELECT /* My Application Tag */ * FROM test;


MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1650 - 1699

1600 - 1649 1700 - 1749

    Message: The requested server id %d clashes with the slave startup option --replicate-same-server-id


Limitations of MySQL

Often asked but informations are spread around: The limitations of MySQL.

If you know any other MySQL limitations, please let us know.


MySQL Federated Storage Engine

What is a Federated Table?

A Federated Table is a table which points to a table in an other MySQL database instance (mostly on an other server). It can be seen as a view to this remote database table. Other RDBMS have similar concepts for example database links.


FromDual consulting tool collection

The following tools we use sometimes for our consulting engagements...

Caution: These tools are NOT for production use! Use with care!

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