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Verbesserte MySQL Datenbank-Performance mit Virident Flash-Cache

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im letzten Newsletter haben wir Sie über die FromDual Beratungs-Dienstleistungen informiert. Fokus waren die Verfügbarkeit und die Vermeidung von Ausfällen der MySQL Datenbank (Welche Kosten verursacht eine Stunde Ausfallzeit Ihrer MySQL Datenbank?).

SATA Flash Solid State Disk up to 160 Gbyte announced!

The price for a 160 Gbyte disk will be around USD 15'000. This is still a bit expensive. But the access time is around 0.5 ms (both for reading and writing) which is around 10 times faster than a normal 15'000 rpm SCSI disk! The disk has NO cache because it is a cache itself (according to the supplier. Maybe this will change in the future). And the lifetime of a cell is > 5 mio writes. For the same performance one needs usually an array of around 10 disks. If your database is heavily write-I/O bound you should consider this solution.

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