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The Ops Center has its own job scheduling system:

Ops Center Jobs

Here you can start, stop, check, kill, restart and delete jobs:

Ops Center Jobs

You can define your own jobs which should be running on a specific server:

Ops Center Jobs

Ops Center backup jobs are automatically added to the Ops Center Jobs Scheduler. And after a while they are automatically started.

All the jobs are automatically started and check according to the Ops Center crontab tasks.

Job status

The following Ops Center job status do exist:

AddedJob is added to the job system and will be stated automatically soon...
HoldJob is added to the job system but needs to be started manually!
PreparingInternal used.
StartedJob is started.
RunningJob is running.
KillingJob was killed and is terminating.
FinishedJob has finished (ok or err)
FailedJob has died
KilledJob was killed
DeletedJob was deleted from the job view and is not visible any more. The job files are deleted as well.

Ops Center Jobs Status Flow

Job files

Every Ops Center job creates some files on the server the job is executed in the directory specified in ($gJobTmpDir). The file consists of a name and a job number:

  • job.00000001 - The job to execute itself.
  • pid.00000001 - The PID of the job as soon as the job is started.
  • ret.00000001 - The return code of the job as soon as the job has ended.
  • stderr.00000001 - The stderr output of the job.
  • stdout.00000001 - The stdout output of the job.