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FromDual Newsletter Spring 2012

Dear MySQL User,

With this newsletter we bring you up to date about MySQL and our Services.

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There are some news about the following topics:

High-Availability (HA) with Galera Cluster for MySQL

Last year we have tested the product Galera Cluster for MySQL for you. And our finding was very positive! This is the reason why we warmly recommend you to consider Galera Cluster for MySQL as your next high-availability solution for MySQL.

Galera Cluster for MySQL is the ideal candidate if you are unhappy with consisting solutions like MySQL Cluster, active/passive failover Cluster (DRBD, Heartbeat) or Master/Slave- or Master/Master-Replication.

Some important features of Galera Cluster for MySQL are:

  • It is based on the usual InnoDB Storage Engine.
  • It offers true synchronous multi-master Replication.
  • It does not have any slave lag or data inconsistencies.
  • It allows parallel applying of the data to the other nodes. No more bottle-neck of the MySQL replication slaves.
  • You can write to every node of the cluster.
  • New nodes will be included automatically into the Galera Cluster.
  • Its eas of administration (only minimal differences to normal MySQL).
  • A simple migration, simple updates and fall-backs.

To offer you, also the according Support for Galera Cluster for MySQL for your operation stability, we went into a cooperation with the finish company Codership.

MySQL Performance Monitoring (MPM)

As already announced in our last newsletter, we have extended our MySQL Performance Monitor so that it also will work as a Monitoring as a Service solution. You can get now in short time, without hassle, your own monitoring solution for your MySQL databases.

The feedback of many customers led us to include those improvement requests into the new release v0.9. In addition we are testing MPM under Windows. Therefore you can expect, that the next MPM release is also running under Windows.

Questions about the MySQL Performance Monitor and our other products can be ask on our new Forum.

MySQL Training in Essen and Berlin (Germany)

With our training partners, the Linux Hotel in Essen and the Heinlein Academy in Berlin we offer you on May 30 and 31 in Essen a MySQL-Cluster (NDB) Training and on June 18 to 22 in Berlin a Training MySQL for Professionals. Both trainings will definitely take place. And it has still some places free:

MySQL-Cluster (NDB) TrainingEssen, GermanyMay, 30 to 31, 2012Germanbook
Training MySQL for ProfessionalsBerlin, GermanyJune, 18to 22, 2012Germanbook

3rd Level Support for MySQL

Some of our support customers asked for 3rd level Support for MySQL. For those customers we have now a reasonably priced offer. Thanks to the cooperation with the company Percona we are now capable to offer MySQL 3rd Level Support (Bug-fixing). If you are interested in this service, we would be glad to send you an offer.

Security holes in MySQL

In April 2012 Oracle has announced in their Critical Patch Update Advisory, new security upgrades for MySQL. By accident they have delivered a Testcase with the update. With this Testcase it is very easy to start a DoS attack against your MySQL database...

Der MySQL user only needs CREATE, INSERT, DELETE and SELECT privileges on his Schema. This is the case for most of the hosted MySQL databases.

Here you will find the Testcases (32125, 63775, 60212). With those you can try out, how such a DoS attack is executed. Please try those Testcases only out on a testing system because the chance is very high that your MySQL database is crashing.

It is strongly recommended, to upgrade all your MySQL databases which are older than 5.1.62 and 5.5.22. This is also valid for Percona Server and MariaDB.

If you need some help to upgrade your MySQL databases or if we should help you to work out your individual upgrade policy, we are happy to assist you.

Technical information about MySQL

If you missed our talks at the FOSDEM 2012 in Brussels or at the DOAG SIG MySQL - Performance in Wiesbaden, our Presentations are on-line available for you this time again:

Our Blog articles about MySQL and related topics give you some hints which you possibly can use for your daily business:

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Your FromDual Team