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Materialized Views (MV) with MySQL

Materialised View (MV) is the pre-calculated (materialised) result of a query. Unlike a simple VIEW the result of a Materialised View is stored somewhere, generally in a table. Materialised Views are used when immediate response is needed and the query where the Materialised View bases on would take to long to produce a result. Materialised Views have to be refreshed once in a while. It depends on the requirements how often a Materialised View is refreshed and how actual its content is. Basically a Materialised View can be refreshed immediately or deferred, it can be refreshed fully or to a certain point in time. MySQL does not provide Materialised Views by itself. But it is easy to build Materialised Views yourself.


Justin Swanhart from Percona just poked me an told me about FlexViews, a package for Materialized Views he built, based on my ideas. Please have also a look there, possibly it can help you any further...