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MySQL User Defined Function (UDF) collection

I really like this new toy called UDF. So I try to provide some more, hopefully useful, functionality.

A list of what I have done up to now you can find here:

If you have some more suggestions, please let me know. If you need some special features as UDF talk to our consulting services if they can implement it.

Get and set InnoDB spin_wait_delay

mysql> CREATE FUNCTION spin_wait_delay

mysql> SELECT spin_wait_delay();
| spin_wait_delay(5) |
|                  5 |

mysql> SELECT spin_wait_delay(8);
| spin_wait_delay(8) |
|                  8 |

mysql> DROP FUNCTION spin_wait_delay;

Send message to MySQL error log

mysql> CREATE FUNCTION log_error

mysql> SELECT log_error('My error message...');

shell> tail -n 1 error.log
091019 20:11:07 My error message...

mysql> DROP FUNCTION log_error;