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MySQL/MariaDB Consulting

When you ask for our Consulting services you get neutral and vendor independent Consulting for MySQL, Galera Cluster, Percona Server and MariaDB. Our consultants recommend you the best solutions fitting to your needs.

We help you in delicate matters as:

  • Getting the maximum out of your current hardware by Performance Tuning and improve your SQL queries and add indexes where necessary.
  • Evaluating more advanced MySQL Architectures like Master/Slave Replication or synchronous multi-Master Replication to reach your goals for the near and far future.
  • Reviewing your Backup Concepts and implementing it in a way it also works when you need it (= restore).
  • Check your Database Design and suggest changes if necessary.
  • Upgrading your MySQL database to recent releases and Migrating your data to MySQL, Galera Cluster, Percona Sever or MariaDB.
  • Setting-up MySQL Scale-Out Architectures (MySQL Replication).


If you are interested in our Consulting services for MySQL, please let us know and we get asap in contact with you!