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MySQL Performance Monitor New Release 0.9.1

Fri, 2013-06-07 19:24

The new release of the MySQL Performance Monitor (mpm) is out!

New additions and improvements

  • Easy to use templates
  • Improved Security
  • New Trigger Checks
  • New Warnings Enabled
  • Time Zone Shift Added
  • New screens added
  • Data transfer enabled

and much more (see below).

The MySQL Performance Monitor (mpm) for MySQL, Galera Cluster, Percona Server and MariaDB is a Monitoring Solution based on the Enterprise open source Monitor Zabbix.

It provides all the necessary modules to monitor MySQL performance metrics in detail and you can display them graphically.

New Features

Template improved for easier use - Security module added - Slave and MySQL templates fixed after feedback from customers - Innodb log information and pending I/O information added - Sort_buffer_size trigger added - Slave error skipped trigger added - Check for isolation level added - Binlog do and ignore filter warning enabled - Innodb deadlock trigger downgraded from warning to info - Time-shift feature implemented - Flush_time trigger added - MyISAM flush_time variable added - Read_buffer_size and max_allowed_package conflict implemented - Binlog_cache_size too small trigger back-ported from live - Read_buffer_size rule added - Max_allowed_packet and read_buffer_size added for rules - All 24 cores added to template items - Process memory graph with RAM size - Thread_stack_size too small alert implemented - Network packet graph reordered - Trigger for missing MaaS agent added - Server screens visually improved - Screens for Galera, network, CPU and server added - Transfer of data over HTTPS is possible now.

Download and Install

The most recent FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL you can download from here... Or for more information you can reach us by e-mail at: or by phone on +41 44 940 24 82.

Advanced MySQL trainings in Zurich

Mon, 2013-01-28 16:38

Due to customer requests, we have added two of our advanced MySQL training courses in late April in Zurich, Switzerland. One course will be presented in German, the other in English.

The venue is the HSO in Zurich-Oerlikon.

The following dates has been set:

April 22 - 26Advanced MySQLHSO,​ ZurichApril 29 - Mai 3Advanced MySQLHSO,​ Zurich

Caution: the 2nd training contains May 1st (bank holiday). The training takes place regardless.

Remember to book now to reserve your place.

MySQL SIG Event: MySQL Replication and new Features

Thu, 2013-01-24 13:44

The MySQL SIG of DOAG invites you to join on February 27 at the Inside Hotel in Munich.
Topics of the SIG Event: MySQL Replication and new Features.

Date for next MySQL Cluster trainings scheduled

Mon, 2012-09-10 16:37
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The dates for the next MySQL Cluster (ndb) trainings with the Linux Hotel are scheduled now: March 11 - 12 2013 and September 23 - 24 2013.
You can book your training here.

DOAG SIG MySQL - Replication: September 4, 2012 in Hamburg

Mon, 2012-07-30 15:11
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On Tuesday, September 4, 2012 the next DOAG SIG MySQL meeting will take place in Hamburg (Germany) with the topic Replication.

Possible presentations are: MySQL Replication, Galera Cluster, Replication with Oracle GoldenGate, Replication with Zimory Scale and Tungsten Replicator.

The event will presumably be located at the Hotel Böttcherhof at Wöhlerstrasse 2.

Frankfurter Datenbanktage 2013

Mon, 2012-07-23 11:05

FromDual is having a talk at Frankfurter Datenbanktage 2013, March 14/15

Codership partners with FromDual to offer consulting and support services for Galera Cluster for MySQL

Sun, 2012-02-19 09:56
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Helsinki, Finland, Uster, Switzerland – February 18, 2012 – Codership, the provider of Galera Cluster for MySQL, and FromDual, a MySQL consulting company, today announced collaboration to offer Galera Cluster technology and related support and consulting services for Galera users all over the world, especially in German speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). Galera Cluster is a synchronous, true multi-master replication cluster for MySQL using the well known InnoDB storage engine. Customers can deploy Galera Cluster locally in LAN environments, as geo-clusters over the WAN or as virtual cluster in the cloud.

Galera Cluster for MySQL is offered as open source software. It can be downloaded freely from Many of Codership customers are using Galera Cluster for business critical applications. FromDual will be offering consulting and support services for Galera users, especially in German speaking countries. FromDual has years of competence in MySQL consulting and support. They have a deep understanding of clustering and replication technologies and how to implement them into production. FromDual is the perfect partner for Codership said Seppo Jaakola, CEO of Codership.

With Galera we get a great high availability (HA) product for MySQL which removes all the pain we had with the existing MySQL HA solutions. Our customers are always looking for better ways to solve MySQL replication, scalability and management issues to secure 24/7 business availability and growth for the future business. Galera Cluster does exactly that. We are happy to add Galera Cluster to our consulting and support portfolio with the top level support from Codership says Oli Sennhauser, Senior MySQL consultant and CEO of FromDual.

Galera Cluster is used by users who need highly available MySQL database back-ends with very fast fail-over time for business critical applications like Social networks, Gaming platforms, Telecom/VoiP solutions, Media and entertainment sites, Business Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), ERP systems, web-shops, e-commerce solutions or similar critical applications.

About FromDual GmbH

FromDual is a global acting, neutral and vendor independent consulting, support and training company for MySQL, Percona Server, MariaDB and Galera Cluster with numerous customers all over the world in the Telecom, Media, Public Service, Internet and Industry sector. FromDual is Oracle Silver Partner and Open Database Alliance (ODBA) Silver Partner. In addition to its MySQL services FromDual distributes its Performance Monitor for MySQL for local installations or as Software as a Service solution. For more information about FromDual, their products, consulting and support services, please visit

Press contact:

FromDual GmbH
Oli Sennhauser, CEO
Cell: +41 79 830 09 33

About Codership Oy

Codership develops fundamentally new replication and clustering solutions for open source databases, adopting novel ideas from latest DBMS and distributed computing research. The founders of Codership have long experience in developing several widely used MySQL clustering solutions before starting Galera development in 2007. Already thousands of users have chosen Galera Cluster solution – the Codership's flagship open source product and Codership is working actively for and with this growing user community. For more information about Codership, products, consulting and support services, please visit

Press contact:

Codership OY
Seppo Jaakola, CEO
Cell: +358 405 105 938

FromDual launches Monitoring as a Service for MySQL

Thu, 2012-01-19 14:16
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On January 9th FromDual launched its Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) solution for MySQL.
This service is based on the Performance Monitor for MySQL (mpm) v0.8 and Zabbix.

The installation on customer side of the so called monitoring agent takes about 5 minutes (for installation, configuration and scheduling).

The collected performance data are sent to our service where you can view them with your web browser. Some examples you can find here.

You can download the Performance Monitor for MySQL from our download page.

To use this service a key is needed which will be provided by FromDual. To request a key please use this form.

This service is free for FromDual support and consulting customers. For all others we offer a special enterprise customer monitoring subscription.

More information about MySQL Monitoring as a Service you can find here.

You can follow discussion about the MaaS on our forum.

InnoDB and NDB module are now under GPL!

Further we have the pleasure to announce that now all modules are available under GPL. Before the InnoDB and the NDB (MySQL Cluster) module were available for FromDual customers only.
For commercial use of the FromDual Performance Monitor an Enterprise subscription is required.

The changes in the new FromDual Performance Monitor release v0.8 are:

New functionality
  • Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) functionality was added to the FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL.
Changed functionality
  • The InnoDB and NDB module are now available under GPL.
  • Agent lock was implemented. Only one agent can run per server now at a time. This is to prevent a system overload because of some locks or timeouts etc.
  • Agent log is now touched on every call. From the timestamp it is visible now when the agent was running last.
  • Cache file is now per server/device.
  • Data are mostly cached in the cache file first instead of calling zabbix_sender zillions of times.
  • Zabbix server port is now configurable.
  • Foreign Key Error detection for InnoDB was implemented.
  • Deadlock detection for InnoDB was implemented.
  • XtraDB and InnoDB agents/templates were merged. There is now no more difference between GPL and commercial builds.
  • ndb_cluster_connection_pool is now reported correctly and according trigger works correctly again.
  • Some templates where improved.
  • Missing item to MyISAM template added.
  • Missing item to Process template added.
  • Fix in the mysql module (sql_mode).
  • Fix in the master template (adding 20 missing items for binary log events).

If you want to stay tuned to our information, follow our Tweets on Twitter. If you like this service please let us know.

We would love to hear about your feedback.

Best Regards,

Your FromDual Team

New version of FromDual's Performance Monitor for MySQL (MPM) v0.7.2 is out

Sat, 2011-12-03 10:04
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On December 2nd 2011 FromDual released the new version v0.7.2 of its Performance Monitor for MySQL. The new version can be downloaded from here.

The Performance Monitor for MySQL is an agent which is hooked into the agent of the well known Monitoring solution called Zabbix. Zabbix is an integrated Enterprise Monitoring solution which can produce performance graphs and alerting.

The changes in the new release are:

New functionality
  • A new module for Galera was added (mainly Galera 0.8).
  • A new module for the MySQL Performance Monitor (mpm) was added.
  • Information about InnoDB Row Locking was added (status and graph).
  • Some MySQL variables were added for monitoring (customer request).
  • Triggers for some of those MySQL variables are implemented (customer request).
Changed functionality
  • MPM agent hook (FromDual.MySQL.check) was moved from the mysql module to the mpm module. To call the MPM agent you have to run the mpm module only once per monitored server (computer).
  • Path to the MPM agent libraries is not hard coded anymore but follows $basedir/lib now. The MPM can now be located anywhere... (customer request)
  • The MPM cache file is now configurable.
  • The MPM agent is prepared for Deadlock and Foreign Key Error detection (customer request).
  • Name collision in the server module fixed (customer bug report).
  • Old style basename code replace by new Perl style.
  • Security fix in the MPM agent (password is no longer displayed in the log file).
  • Some fixes in different XML templates.
  • Some fixes in the ndb, memcached, aria, drbd and server module.
  • Some fixes in the MPM agent.

Newsletter Summer 2011

Sun, 2011-06-19 16:12
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Dear MySQL and MariaDB User,

With this Newsletter you receive the News about FromDual for Summer 2011.

Sie können diesen Newsletter auch auf deutsch lesen oder sich den deutschprachigen Newsletter. abonnieren.

Topics Basic- and Silver-Support for MySQL and MariaDB

End of last year Oracle/MySQL has dropped the low cost Basic- and Silver-Support contracts from their service portfolio. The official justification was: Minor demand from the customers.

Numerous MySQL users since then have inquired this Support offerings with FromDual. We can offer you now the following Support Services for MySQL:

  • Our Best Effort Support (BES) for EUR 990.-/year as an alternative to MySQL Basic and
  • Our Business Hour Support (5 x 9, BHS) for EUR 1'990.-/year as an alternative to MySQL Silver.

Naturally we offer you as well Support in the high-end range for MySQL and MariaDB with our All Day Long Support (ADLS, 7x16) and our All around the Clock Support (7 x 24, AatCS).

More information you will find at 24x7 Premium Support.

If you have any question about our Support Offerings please let us know by sending us an e-mail to the following address and we will contact you asap...

FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL with more InnoDB Graphs

In the middle of June FromDual has published its newest Release of its MySQL Performance Monitor. Because of many requests from our customers we have improved the InnoDB module and increased the number of InnoDB Graphs.

Some sample Graphs you can find at InnoDB Graphs for MySQL Performance Monitor.

Summer vacation without a MySQL DBA?

If your MySQL DBA is leaving you for its well-deserved summer holidays, you do not have to prohibit him his holidays anymore! We take-over his work during his summer vacation...

More information about our Remote-DBA services you will find on our website.

Upcoming Trainings and Workshops
  • On August 20 and 21 in St. Augustin (Germany) the FrOSCon 6 / 2011 is taking place. We will be present with our presentation MySQL Performance Tuning (in German). If you would like to know how we do Performance Tuning with our customers, come an visit us!
  • From August 15th to 17th we will have an Advanced MySQL Developer Workshop with Citrus in Helsinki. The workshop will be held in English.
  • At the /ch/open Workshop Days 2011 we will have on Thursday, September 15 our Workshop MySQL High-Availability with an active/passive Failover-Cluster. All those who were last year in the wrong Workshop have this year the chance to visit the right one...
  • On October 24 and 25 in the Linux-Hotel in Essen a MySQL Cluster course is taking place. You can apply directly at the Linux Hotel.
Technical Information

We have compiled the following interesting technical information for you:

If you have missed our presentations HA Architectures with MySQL or HandlerSocket and similar Technologies - NoSQL for MySQL at the DOAG SIG's you can find the slides as PDF at Presentations.

German speaking MySQL User Group (DMySQLAG) founded

Beginning of June the German speaking MySQL User Group (DMySQLAG) was founded.

This association advocates for:

  • the information of the use, the handling and the experience with MySQL and development in the MySQL Eco-System as well as systems which use MySQL.
  • the exchange of experience between MySQL users about MySQL and other systems.
  • the Advice and Cooperation with Oracle and vendors of other systems.
  • the submission of suggestions of the members to Oracle and vendors of other systems.

The intention of the German speaking MySQL User Group is to be a platform for MySQL User from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To get a high enough weight for Austria and Switzerland we hope for a high number of registrations of these two countries!

Member fee:

  • Students: free
  • Single-membership: EUR 100.-/a
  • Companies up to 500 employees: EUR 200.-/a
  • Companies above 500 employees: EUR 300.-/a
News about MySQL
  • In May 2011 MySQL has released version 5.5.13 and 5.5.14 and fixed many (about 50) bugs in InnoDB and Replication.
  • Several new releases for MySQL Cluster 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 are in the pipeline and will be possibly released in next few weeks.
  • MariaDB 5.2.6 and 5.2.7 were released in May and June.
  • Galera, a synchronous Multi-Master-Replication for MySQL advances with v0.8 in big steps to a stable release and seems to be production ready soon. It is worth to give this product a try!

If you want to stay tuned to our information, follow our Tweets on Twitter.

We would love to hear about your feedback.

Best Regards,

Your FromDual Team

Advanced MySQL Developer Workshop

Wed, 2011-06-08 10:44
Taxonomy upgrade extras: englishFrom August 15th to 17th FromDual will have an Advanced MySQL Developer Workshop with Citrus in Helsinki (Finland). The workshop will be held in English. The workshop topics you can find here and the registration form is available here.

The DRBD Module for FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL is now available

Fri, 2011-04-01 21:59
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FromDual has released today the next version v0.6 of its FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL.

The most important improvement of the new release is the new monitoring module for DRBD devices which are often used in MySQL High Availability (HA) set-ups.

More information about the new functionality added you can find in the article MySQL Performance Monitor with DRBD monitoring capabilities, MySQL Performance Monitor and in the MySQL HA (high availability) cookbook.

The FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL is now available on our download page.

Follow us on Twitter...

PrimeBase Technologies and FromDual form a Service-Cooperation for MySQL products

Mon, 2011-02-28 14:58
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From the Cooperation of these two companies arises the biggest independent service provider for MySQL and MariaDB in Europe.

Hamburg, Uster -- February 28, 2011 - The Hamburg based PrimeBase Technologies and the near Zürich located FromDual are forming a Cooperation for MySQL products and services, starting March 1st, 2011.

This Cooperation enables both companies to offer a complete set of services for all MySQL and MariaDB customers.

The customers of both parties now have he possibility to demand a 24x7 support service from their provider.

Companies, which use MySQL, often do not have the capability to operate the product themselves, because they do not have sufficiently trained MySQL staff.

The Remote-DBA offer meets exactly this need: Customers then have the possibility to let their databases be operated by a MySQL specialist.

In addition, the set of services offers MySQL Health Checks on a regular basis or an Emergency intervention in case of an incident.

The whole package is built modularly and there is no obligation to pay license fees or to purchase service that one does not need.

About PrimeBase Technologies

PrimeBase Technologies is the maker of the well known, scalable and transactional MySQL Storage Engine PBXT as well as the Streaming Engine PBMS and offers Support Services for MySQL and MariaDB. PrimeBase Technologies, furthermore is MySQL Platinum Partner.

Its CTO Paul McCullagh is currently the only Oracle ACE Director for MySQL in Europe.

Further information can be found at:

About FromDual

FromDual is a global acting, neutral and vendor independent consulting company for MySQL and MariaDB with numerous customers from the Telecom, Media, Service, Internet and Industry sector. FromDual offers services and training for MySQL and its derivatives MariaDB, Percona Server and Drizzle. FromDual is an Oracle Silver Partner and Open Database Alliance (ODBA) Silver Partner.

Further information can be found at:


PrimeBase Technologies GmbH:, Phone +49 40 389 044 15

FromDual GmbH:, Phone +41 79 830 09 33

FromDual releases new version of its MySQL Performance Monitor

Sun, 2011-02-20 16:39
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FromDual releases its new version v0.5 of its MySQL Performance Monitor working with Zabbix.

What has changed so far in this release:

  • Recommended Location has changed to /usr/local
  • FromDual agent log files are rotated now.
  • There are now 2 different packages: One for the Agent and one for the Templates.
  • Some of the graphs were improved.
  • Missing status and system variable information were added and some were fixed.
  • Verbosity of logging information was adjusted.
  • A module for monitoring additional informations for Linux servers was added.
  • Agent caches now the data if it has no access to server. This gives the possibility to run the agent without an installed Zabbix Server and load the data later on off-site.
  • Start/stop scripts for running Zabbix agent and server under the mysql user were added.
  • Status information for the Aria Storage Engine were added.

The MySQL Performance Monitor is free of costs and the modules are offered under GPL.

You can get it from our download page.

If you find some problems or have suggestions to improve this solution please let us know about.

FromDual plans Advanced MySQL DBA Workshop

Thu, 2010-09-16 15:59
Taxonomy upgrade extras: englishmysqlDBAworkshopadvancedWith one of its partners FromDual plans to offer an Advanced MySQL DBA Workshop. The first workshop should run in November 2010. To offer the best possible contents to the participants we want your feedback about the proposed topics, about the missing topics and what you think in general about such a workshop. Please let us know your opinion. Either as comment on our web-site or for our eyes only at Feedback. Thank you for your participation.